Celebrating with Dickens: Rohan’s postcard from the Charles Dickens Museum

Rohan outside the Charles Dickens Museum, London, on one of many visits

Professor Rohan McWilliam outside the Charles Dickens Museum in 2015 on one of many visits

Why I went and what I got out of it…

Dickens’s house has always been special to me. My father took me there when I started reading David Copperfield at the age of ten. When my fiftieth birthday rolled along, I rented the house for a party so that guests could feel the early novels coming tumbling forth from the writer’s imagination (my idea of a good time). Dickens, of course, did not live in the house for very long but one feels his frenetic presence. I love the detail that he and his friends loved to play leapfrog after dinner! In some respects the house is the reason why I am a Victorian historian.

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