‘Looking for Keats’: Holly’s Postcard from London to Rome

At the entrance to the Keats-Shelley Museum

At the entrance to the Keats-Shelley Museum

Why I went…

During a period of study abroad in the Czech Republic I decided to visit Rome. After a previously wonderful trip looking for Keats’s House in London, my main motivation was to visit the Keats-Shelly House. I have been a little obsessed with Keats since studying his poetry at school and became fascinated by not only his work, but his life. Reading his letters opened up a whole new phenomenon in which I felt a way to connect with Keats not only as a poet, but as a person. This trip was an extension of that desire; to feel to connected to both his work and his life.

What I got out of the experience…

For me, the experience was a very emotional one. A great mix of fear, (travelling alone in a new country!) excitement and sadness characterised my time in Rome and at The Keats-Shelley House. Although a much more melancholy trip than the one I had previously taken to Hampstead, I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to visit both places. Looking for traces of Keats where he made both happy and sad memories was rewarding. I think on some level I wanted to make the trip out of respect and the experience mollified this desire. Aside from this, owing to the work and exhibitions on show, I learned much more about the lives of other romantic poets such as Shelley and Byron, which was great!


On a previous trip- Inside of Keats’ Hampstead House

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