Entering into Wonderland for the first time: Shannon’s postcard from the British Library

Shannon Sonderman Photo

Shannon at the British Library’s Alice in Wonderland Exhibition. Spring 2016.

Why I went…

I went to the British Library in London in the hopes of seeing the Alice in Wonderland exhibit.  Alice has become a figure of my childhood; she was able to change her surroundings which is something most children are unable to do.  Alice created a world in which she was an important person; she got to do whatever she wanted and learned, along the way of her journey, what was acceptable and what wasn’t. She was able to make up rules and learn from her mistakes.

What I got out of the experience…

Walking through the exhibit, I felt like Alice entering into Wonderland for the first time. The decorations were all attuned to the books and the original illustrations. The experience was visual, allowing participants to read pages from original texts as well as later adapted texts. The illustrations allowed the characters to come to life and participate in the experience alongside the library’s participants. This exhibit brought Alice in Wonderland into the real world, and it was refreshing and fun to take part in.

Creative Commons Licence


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