Finding the sites that were significant to Austen: Oli’s postcard from Bath

Oli Photo

Oli at the Jane Austen Centre, Bath. Spring 2016.

Why I went…

The Jane Austen Centre was one of the key reasons I was so excited to go to Bath. I wanted to learn more about Austen and to have tea in the regency tea-room. I also just wanted to see the city that was mentioned in all of her novels and featured in two – with such differing views of the city in those two novels as well. I had also hoped to visit the assembly rooms, though unfortunately did not make it there during my stay.

What I got out of the experience…

I learned a lot that I hadn’t previously known about Austen in the Jane Austen Centre. Little pieces of things that I had heard about her before came together – such as the fact that she never married, and that she had one awkward proposal and a sweetheart that never came to anything. I never knew before that there weren’t many pictures of her either, and that the only known picture, drawn by her sister, was said not to be very like. Going through the museum and having tea was fun, but I think my favorite part was walking around Bath finding the sites that were significant to Austen while she was there. Again, I didn’t find all the places that I would have liked to, but following the guide was like a scavenger hunt, and reading about the different sites in Austen’s Bath was really interesting and peaceful.

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