Walking in Jane Austen’s shoes: Allissa’s postcard from Bath

alyssa postcard

Why I went

My Jane Austen Pilgrimage consisted of visiting Bath on January 23 2016. It was an outing with my host mother, who is also a fan of Jane Austen. My fellow host sister Elizabeth Minson went a long for the journey. We started the day eating at the pump room and drinking the water from back in the day. It was 25 degrees Celsius and contained 46 minerals. After we drank the water we decided to see the Roman baths that are located next to the pump room. We then proceeded to the Jane Austen Museum, and the crescent. While walking the hills of Bath all I kept thinking was, I was literally walking in Jane Austen’s shoes. Not only while walking to the Jane Austen Museum, but through Bath, and the pump room. While at the Jane Austen Museum I got to try on the empire waist dresses and bonnets. I also wrote with a quill pen, which is what Austen must have used to write. I think I got more ink on my fingers than the paper. It was still cool to see a little bit about Jane’s works and life. I was more amazed to be in the town where she lived and breathed.

What I got out of the experience…

Taking a moment to be in Jane Austen’s shoes was not like any experience I have had. I was able to visit the pump room, drink the water she drank, walk past the house she use to live in, visited the circus and crescent all by walking in Austen’s shoes. Not only was I learning about Jane Austen, but I was able to view the architecture of the buildings in Bath. I learned that I am very fond of the architecture in Bath and would love to visit again. I was also able to create a fun memory with my host mom and fellow host sister. This pilgrimage was truly an amazing experience and a wonderful memory!

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