Wordsworth as person and poet: Hannah’s postcard from Dove Cottage

Hannah at Dove Cottage, Spring 2016

Hannah at Dove Cottage, Spring 2016

Why I went…

I think of Wordsworth as an important figure in Romantic poetry and really enjoyed studying his poetry. I liked how Wordsworth took inspiration for his poems by walking through France and the Alps. I myself very much loved walking through Lake District to visit Dove Cottage in Grasmere. It is easy to see where Wordsworth might have gotten some inspiration from the beautiful setting. Wordsworth is known as a writer of remembrance and things past. We are alike in this way because I too like the feeling of nostalgia and that feeling is evident in his works.

 What I got out of the experience…

From this experience, I learned how complex Wordsworth was as a person. He suffered many tragedies in his life, but still created beautiful poetry. In the garden at Dove Cottage, lines from his poems are scattered throughout it accompanying flowers and it really brought everything together. I enjoyed seeing the connection between his words and the surrounding setting. Wordsworth was known for his affinity for nature and I felt the connection he had with nature while at Dove Cottage. There was a lot of inspiration to be found in Grasmere and it was cool to see how Wordsworth used that in his works. Going on the pilgrimage to Dove Cottage gave me a greater appreciation for Wordsworth as a person and as a poet.
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