‘A story really does live on forever’: Hannah’s pilgrimage to the Peter Pan statue

Hannah visits the Peter Pan statue, Kensington Gardens, in April 2016

7 Hannah visits the Peter Pan statue, Kensington Gardens, in April 2016

Why I went…

Peter Pan was my favourite story that I read in my Children’s Literature class so I decided that I would visit the Peter Pan statue in Kensington Gardens, London. I had heard so much about Peter Pan as a book and a movie but had neither read the book nor seen the film – so encountering this in class was a new experience. I really loved the childishness of the story and the magic surrounding it. Kensington Garden was a beautiful setting for the statue. It was a peaceful area surrounded by trees and near the water. It seemed like a place in which a child could explore.

What I got out of it…

London is my favourite city and Kensington Gardens is a beautiful part of it. It was nice to explore the grounds and get away from the hustle and bustle of London as a city. It was cool to see Peter Pan “in person” and to imagine him as a person rather than a character. The base of the statue features fairies and other woodland animals. I liked how those elements added to the overall setting of the statue. It felt very magical and childlike. Peter Pan on top of the statue looked like what the average size of the character would’ve been like so it was cool to imagine him as a real person. I felt better connected to the story after seeing the statue and recalling the story. Overall, this pilgrimage gave me a better appreciation for the story and I got the feeling that Peter Pan as a character and a story really does live on forever.
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